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Why is Sharice Davids prioritizing marijuana legislation over COVID-19 relief?

TOPEKA, KS – Sharice Davids and House Democrats are prioritizing marijuana legalization over helping small businesses and American families deal with the ongoing pandemic.

Rather than spending her time pushing House Democrat Leadership to come to the table on a deal for a new round of COVID-19 relief, Sharice Davids is cosponsoring partisan legislation to legalize marijuana. On Friday she joined 106 other Democrats as a cosponsor of H.R. 3884.

This follows Davids’ vote for the Democrats’ dead-on-arrival HEROES Act that featured similar pot provisions

Why is Sharice Davids so focused on marijuana while families and business in the Third District are struggling under the worst economic recovery of any state in America due to Governor Laura Kelly’s failed leadership? 

Why is she focused on marijuana when her party’s standard bearer Joe Biden opposes legalization

Kansas GOP Chairman Mike Kuckelman commented: “Sharice Davids and House Democrats could not possibly be more out of touch with this misguided focus on marijuana legalization while Kansans are struggling to get back to work and make ends meet. Regardless of what you think of the policy merits, this is truly a waste of time and energy when her constituents are looking for real leadership.

“Amanda Adkins knows how to grow our economy as a successful businesswoman. She’s rightly focused on the importance of the payroll tax holiday and getting our children back to school so parents can get back to work. She’s the right choice with the right priorities for the Third District this November.”