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Davids manipulates Adkins video – where’s the outrage?

TOPEKA, KS – The Sharice Davids for Congress campaign has released a new television ad featuring manipulated video of Amanda Adkins, a practice members of the media have been decrying as out of bounds for the better part of the last week.

The Davids ad features video of Amanda Adkins out of context suggesting that “our children deserve better” than “her and Brownback.” 

The footage used by the Davids campaign comes from an Adkins campaign ad in the primary discussing border security, COVID-19 response, Democrats, and the media. It bears no resemblance to the context in which the Davids campaign used the footage. 

Where is the outrage? 

The Roger Marshall for Senate campaign has faced undue criticism over its use of footage of Barbara Bollier in a recent ad. The Marshall campaign even included language on the front end making it clear the intent: 

“How would it sound if Barbara Bollier’s ads actually matched her liberal record?” 

No such language appears in the Davids ad. 

Both the Marshall and Davids campaigns are using the same tactic. So far, unsurprisingly, there’s only outrage when the Republican does it.