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From Topeka to Washington, Kansas Republicans are working hard to enact policies that grow our economy, shrink government and promote the principles upon which our nation was founded.


The Kansas Republican Party is dedicated to protecting our deeply held Kansas values such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By electing Republicans from local to federal office, Kansans can expect a bright future that is ripe with opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

Our Vision


The Kansas Republican Party’s purpose is to coordinate and unite the activities of Republicans in Kansas through the recognized city, county, district, and state committees under a central, statewide organization and serve as the official state affiliate of the Republican National Committee.


We are dedicated to the advancement of Republican principles, seeing those principles enacted as sound public policy, and committed to ensuring the party’s growth through voter registration and by attracting disenfranchised members of other political parties.




Our Leadership


Our leaders work tirelessly to advance the mission and values of the Kansas Republican Party. Their hard work can be seen in the success that Republicans from the Sunflower State have had at the ballot box on a local, state, and National level.


The KSGOP’s tremendous success in recent years can be attributed to strong leadership within the Party.


Our History


Since 1859, the Kansas Republican Party has championed Conservative values and proudly dominated the political field in the Sunflower State since Kansas gained statehood in 1861. Of Kansas’s 33 U.S. Senators, 28 have been Republican.


From Edwin McCabe—the first Black American to be elected to a statewide office in 1882—to Susana Salter—the first woman to be elected as mayor in the United States in 1187—the Kansas Republican Party has been a proud political leader across the Nation.

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