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Where is Sharice Davids on impeachment 2.0 and court packing?

TOPEKA, KS – As President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans move to exercise their constitutional authority to nominate and confirm a Supreme Court justice, Sharice Davids has some questions to answer about how Democrats plan to respond. 

Remember, Davids votes with Speaker Nancy Pelosi an astonishing 99% of the time. We know she will be a rubber stamp on whatever Pelosi brings to the House floor. 

In response to the Republicans’ plan to follow historical precedent and fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year where the same party controls the White House and Senate, Democrats are threatening unprecedented retaliation. 

Reminder, this is the 20th vacancy to occur in an election year where the President’s party controls the Senate. The President has nominated a replacement in all 19 prior instances, and the Senate has confirmed in 17 of those. Conversely, the Senate has only confirmed a replacement three out of 10 times when the vacancy occurred in an election year with divided government, as in 2016. 

Democrats refuse to acknowledge this, and have publicly declared that all options are on the table. That includes impeaching President Trump for exercising his constitutional authority.

It includes packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices – a move considered to extreme by President Franklin Roosevelt, and until recently Joe Biden. Prominent Democrats in Congress are openly threatening it. For example, Representative Joe Kennedy, endorsed in his failed bid for U.S. Senate by Sharice Davids, has said so.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer held a press conference beside Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, threatening that all options are on the table. 

Davids votes with Ocasio-Cortez 92% of the time

BOTTOM LINE: Will anybody ask Davids where she stands on the most important questions of this election? Would she support impeaching President Trump for exercising his constitutional authority and would she vote for court packing?