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Kelly promotes partisan voter registration website from official government Twitter account

TOPEKA, KS – Governor Laura Kelly yesterday took to Twitter to promote a voter registration website with known ties to liberal organizations and significant privacy concerns from her official government account. 

As revealed by the Kansas Reflector, is a voter registration website backed by Democrats that requires users to give up personal information in exchange for registering on its platform. 

“Language in the site’s privacy policy gives permission to Blueprint Kansas, the organization that operates, to collect contact information, website usage, details about your phone or laptop, and all the elements of a voter registration form — and use this personal data to send direct texts, or give the data to other entities, such as Facebook,” the Reflector reported in August. 

Kansas has its own online voter registration portal, run by Kelly’s Department of Revenue.  

Kelly’s Department of Labor has been an abysmal failure throughout the pandemic response. KCTV recently reported that some Kansas have still – six months into this pandemic – never received their enhanced unemployment benefits. It’s no surprise Kelly is overseeing the worst economic recovery from the pandemic in the United States. 

Are there problems with KDOR’s website? If not, why is Kelly promoting a partisan site from her official government Twitter account? Is this an ethics violation? 

These questions need to be answered.