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Kansas population remains stagnant under Kelly as neighbors grow

TOPEKA, KS – Kansas has seen virtually no population growth for the second consecutive year under Governor Laura Kelly, the U.S. Census Bureau announced in a report released yesterday.

Neighboring states led by Republican governors in Oklahoma and Texas saw strong population growth. Even Democrat-led Colorado saw its population increase as Kansas remained stagnant. 

The Census report provides another data point in the failed record of the Kelly administration. Kansas has the worst unemployment numbers across the Midwest, driven in part by the worst economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in America. Kansas also currently has 27 of the top 100 worst counties in America in terms of COVID-19 deaths per capita, including four of the top five overall most deadly across the country. 
Kansas GOP Chairman Mike Kuckelman commented: “Kansans cannot afford another four years of Governor Kelly’s disastrous economic policies. We need a governor who will create opportunities for Kansans struggling to find work, and one of the ways to do that is create an environment that attracts business rather than driving it away. Our top priority this election cycle is ensuring we have a Republican governor in Topeka starting in January 2023 who will do just that.”