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Davids casts decisive vote for Speaker Pelosi

TOPEKA, KS – The Kansas Republican Party today issued the following statement on Sharice Davids being one of the decisive votes to carry Nancy Pelosi to another term as Speaker of the House:
Kansas GOP Chairman Mike Kuckelman commented: “Sharice Davids proved again today that she is no moderate, nor has she ever been, despite the cover she receives in the media. Based on her voting record, she is indistinguishable from Nancy Pelosi and rather than show actual independence or reflect the will of her district, today she cast a decisive vote to keep Pelosi in power. One of the top priorities for the Kansas GOP this cycle will be making sure this was the last time she will be given that opportunity.”

Pelosi becomes the Speaker with only 216 votes, two fewer than the 218-vote majority typically required in the 435-member House of Representatives. Five Democrats defied leadership and did not vote for Pelosi, who will lead the smallest Democrat House majority in decades. In November, Republicans secured resounding victories across the country despite so-called experts predicting Democrats would pick up double-digit gains in the House. 

Davids’ vote for Pelosi comes as no surprise given she voted with the radical liberal Speaker 98% of the time last session, despite continuously misleading voters about being a moderate.