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Kansas last in unemployment recovery under Kelly Administration

TOPEKA, KS – Kansas is experiencing the slowest unemployment recovery in the nation under the leadership of Laura Kelly, according to a new study

Kelly’s economic response to the virus has been nothing short of a disaster.

More than 80,000 Kansans continue to file for unemployment benefits each week, and for more than a month Kelly has dragged her feet on applying for the extra $300 per week under President Trump’s executive order. While Kelly played politics, 45 other states applied for and received authorization for the benefits. 

Under Kelly’s leadership, Kansas also ranks in the bottom five states in coronavirus testing capacity. Being at or near the bottom of the country in a performance metric is becoming familiar territory for the Kelly Administration.

Kansas ranked in the bottom five states in the country in outbound migration in 2019, meaning only four states are doing worse in terms of losing residents.

KSGOP Chairman Mike Kuckelman commented: “It’s become clear Laura Kelly and the Democrats in the Legislature are not up to the task of managing our state’s response to this virus. It’s completely unacceptable to be consistently underperforming worse than almost every other state in the country. Kansans need to elect Republicans on November 3rd to take control with a veto proof majority and steer us back in the right direction.”