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Adkins supports police, Davids thinks law enforcement system “rooted in violence”

TOPEKA, KS – While Amanda Adkins has signed the Police Pledge, promising to support police officers and oppose all efforts to defund the police, Sharice Davids remains silent on the issue.

But Davids’ own past words illuminate why she won’t commit to opposing the defunding of police. Her extreme record makes clear which side she’s on.

Davids thinks our law enforcement system is “rooted in violence.” She told the audience at a May 2018 candidate forum as such:

“I think one of the problems that we have when we talk about police violence is that we often focus on individuals within a system that is rooted in violence and until we address that, it won’t, I don’t, honestly don’t think that having a requirement for police officers to be from a community or to build relationships with individuals is going to be the solution.”

She also famously told a socialist podcast host that she is in favor of defunding ICE. Defunding the police is the natural next step. 

Kansas GOP Chairman Mike Kuckelman commented: “Our law enforcement system is rooted in the desire to protect and serve. Kansans of all stripes reject the notion that the actions of a few bad individuals mean the entire system is ‘rooted in violence.’ We stand with the brave men and women of our police, and Congresswoman Davids should sign this pledge and renounce her comments that insult our men and women in the blue.”