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Press Release: KSGOP Denounces Deceitful Ads from KDP and Sharice Davids

(TOPEKA, Kan.) – On Thursday, the Kansas Republican Party denounced the deceitful ads from the KDP and Sharice Davids’ campaign about Amanda Adkins’ record on abortion.


Despite the lies that continue to come from Sharice Davids, the record clearly shows that Amanda Adkins has never called for a federal ban on abortion. Adkins is pro-life and has repeatedly stated that voters should make decisions about abortion in their states, not the federal government.


In contrast, Davids wants the federal government to make decisions on abortion, not Kansans. Davids supports legalizing third-trimester abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions, and gender-selective abortions nationwide. She also voted to strike down commonsense state abortion laws that require safety standards in abortion clinics and state laws that ensure parents are notified if their minor child is seeking an abortion.


Davids has also received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from extremist abortion groups like EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL Pro-Choice America.


“It is clear that Sharice Davids doesn’t want to run on her voting record because she has chosen Joe Biden over her constituents with every single vote she’s taken in Washington D.C.,” said Shannon Pahls, KSGOP Executive Director. “Davids and Kansas Democrats are so desperate to hold on to power that they are now spreading outright lies. Sharice Davids’ support for abortion-on-demand at any time for any reason is completely out of touch with Kansans.”