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Will Barbara Bollier ever condemn the left-wing violence in our American cities?

TOPEKA, KS – Roughly 60 days from Election Day and 90 days since violence, rioting, and looting has gripped American cities, Barbara Bollier remains silent. 

Like numerous Democrats vying for Senate seats across the country, Bollier has been implementing the Schumer “windowless basement” strategy. She’s spent her time raising money from donors in California and New York, rather than explaining her stances on the issues to Kansans. 

Meanwhile, Roger Marshall has been clear and unequivocal. The son of a police chief, he recently signed a pledge to “stand with America’s Police and pledge to oppose any bill, resolution, or movement to ‘Defund the Police.'” He’s condemned the violence and called for law and order. 

Even Joe Biden left his basement for 12 minutes to give a ridiculous speech blaming President Trump for the violence raging in cities run by Democrat mayors, in states with Democrat governors, who have repeatedly denied President Trump’s offers for federal assistance. 

Where is Barbara Bollier?

Will she ever speak out?

Will she join Roger Marshall and sign the pledge to never defund the police? 

KSGOP Communications Director CJ Grover commented: “Barbara Bollier calls herself a moderate and someone who will stand up to her own party. Actions speak louder than words, and her 90 days of silence while left-wing violence rages across America tells you all you need to know about her supposed ‘moderate’ credentials.”