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RELEASE: KSGOP Blasts Governor Kelly’s Good Friday Veto Spree

(TOPEKA, Kan.) – Governor Laura Kelly spent Good Friday vetoing critical legislation on fairness in women’s sports, the Parents’ Bill of Rights, and work requirements for able-bodied Kansans receiving food stamps.


The Kansas Republican Party released the following statement in response:


“Today, Governor Laura Kelly put her liberal politics ahead of Kansas parents, students, and taxpayers,” said Shannon Pahls, KSGOP Executive Director. “Laura Kelly’s veto of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act is a slap in the face to the female athletes who fought for their right to compete simply because the Governor refuses to acknowledge biological science. Her veto of the Parents’ Bill of Rights signals her loyalty to Democrat unions over parents and their children. And her decision to trap Kansans on government dependency rather than compel them to work to earn a living for their family is a disaster. It’s bad enough that the party of Laura Kelly and Joe Biden has created record-high inflation, but now, when she has the opportunity to help Kansans move toward financial independence, she refuses. Kansans see clearly that Laura Kelly is motivated by a liberal partisan agenda. She’s more like Joe Biden every day.”