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Press Release: The Radical Left is Pushing to Defund the Police and Fund Unrestricted Abortions in Kansas

(TOPEKA, Kan.) – In Kansas, the radical left is pushing to fully fund unrestricted abortions and defund the police. URGE Kansas, a group associated with the anti-Value Them Both coalition promotes an extreme agenda that believes in a world beyond policing and uses the slogan fund abortions, not cops.”

“Violent crime is spiking throughout the country due to the defund the police movement and the Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies,” said Shannon Pahls, KSGOP Executive Director. “Now, in Kansas, radical organizations working against the Value Them Both amendment are broadcasting their agenda to defund the police and fund abortions with no restrictions whatsoever. This is completely out of touch with Kansas values and is a serious threat to our communities. That’s why on August 2nd, we must vote YES to keep Kansas from turning into California or New York.”