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NEW REPORT: Laura Kelly Ranks in Bottom Half of all U.S. Governors

(TOPEKA, Kan.) – Democrat Governor Laura Kelly ranks 27th out of all 50 U.S. governors, according to a new report from the American Legislative Exchange Council.


Governors in neighboring states all ranked in the top half with fellow Democrat Governor Jared Polis of Colorado ranking fourth overall, and Republican governors in Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma ranking 11th, 12th, and 16th, respectively.

The rankings are based on three measurable performance categories — executive policy, economic performance, and fiscal policy. Kelly ranked in the bottom half for two of the three metrics.

“Kansas is continuously outperformed by our neighbors because of Laura Kelly’s failed leadership,” said Shannon Pahls, Kansas GOP Executive Director. “During the last legislative session, Governor Kelly used her veto pen more times than any other governor in nearly two decades. Fortunately, Kelly’s obstructionism and refusal to stand up to Joe Biden and the leaders of her party will finally come to an end this November when voters elect a Republican governor that prioritizes their values.”