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Kelly’s Silence on Border Security

Topeka, KS – Last week, as the Biden Administration failed to control the unprecedented drug and human trafficking crisis at our border, Governors Doug Ducey (AZ) and Greg Abbott (TX) requested additional state law enforcement support. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has since remained silent.

“Governor Kelly’s silence and lack of interstate cooperation make her complicit in the Biden administration’s failures at the border,” said Shannon Golden, KSGOP Executive Director. “More and more, Kansans are dying from fentanyl-related overdoses as drug cartels traffic tens of millions of lethal doses into the country. Governors have a responsibility to keep their states safe, and while Kelly is busy building fences around her own mansion, she’s putting Kansans at risk by refusing to support efforts like building a wall, sending law enforcement support, and calling out the Biden administration’s failures at the border.”

Earlier this month, law enforcement in Kansas City and first responders in Topeka warned of the increasingly widespread use of fentanyl and the rise in fentanyl-related overdose deaths throughout Kansas. In just January to April of this year, the Texas Department of Public Safety seized nearly 95 pounds of fentanyl in Texas. That equates to 21.5 million lethal doses of this drug. This is compared to a spike from 2020, when the same agency seized only 11 pounds over the first four months.

Law enforcement support from other states will provide additional manpower in Arizona and Texas, allowing for the apprehension of more perpetrators of state and federal crimes. Republican governors in Florida and Idaho have already agreed to send law enforcement to support Texas and Arizona’s efforts along the southern border.

Because of Laura Kelly’s refusal to assist in combatting the border crisis, Kansas communities are less safe. ###