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Ethics complaint filed against Scholtz for multiple campaign communications with no disclaimer

TOPEKA, KS – The Kansas Republican Party on Sunday formally filed a complaint with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission highlighting multiple campaign communications by House District 40 candidate Joana Scholtz. 

Along with its complaint, the Kansas GOP submitted two emails, a fundraising letter, and a campaign video all disseminated without appropriate candidate disclaimers. The complaint also points out Scholtz’s Facebook page fails to include a disclaimer. 

Under Kansas law, K.S.A 25-2407, candidates for political office at the state level are prohibited from political advertising without the inclusion of a statement “paid for” or “sponsored by” followed by the name of the sponsoring organization and the name of the chairperson or treasurer of the campaign. 

Kansas GOP Chairman Mike Kuckelman said: “If we can’t trust Joana Scholtz to comply with campaign laws, how can we trust her to rebuild our economy after a global pandemic.  She clearly has refused to follow the law.”