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Does Davids support Biden’s move to kill 11,000 American jobs?

TOPEKA, KS – Immediately following empty calls for unity and healing in his inaugural address yesterday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline and send 11,000 American workers to the unemployment lines.

Biden proceeded to eliminate thousands of jobs, despite entering office when 900,000 Americans are filing new unemployment claims per week, and despite the fact that the Obama Administration found that doing so will actually increase carbon emissions by 42 percent. Without the pipeline, transportation of oil will not stop, it will merely be done by rail and road, which are notably worse for the environment. 

To recap, Joe Biden’s first move as President was to kill 11,000 American jobs with no justification in the midst of a pandemic recovery. 

Thankfully, Senators Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran have introduced a bill to keep the Keystone XL construction moving forward and save those jobs

Will Sharice Davids – a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee – stand with our Kansas Senators and American workers or Joe Biden and radical environmental lobbyists?